Olivier's Organic French Crêpes

Olivier's Organic French Crepes

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When Jordan and Olivier first started dating, Olivier mentioned that he knew how to make crepes in a valiant effort to woo Jordan. His noble plan worked and the couple ate crepes for three weeks straight for every meal!

After the birth of their son, Jordan and Olivier began to piece together their small dream of creating an offering with local organic ingredients. After a serendipitous search on craigslist they came across the cutest little blue mobile food trailer they could ever find and they knew they had to make it theirs. With a lot of effort and talent, Jordan and Olivier birthed their second child, Olivier's Organic French Crepes!

A family business all the way, you can find their sweet blue trailer at their local farmers' market every Saturday. Olivier's humble south of France roots and Jordan's rich Black and Native American background create an epic explosion of flavor in their crepes. It's important to them, to have a high quality crepe offering sourced by %100 organic ingredients and they are the only food truck in their area which can proudly say, they serve organic only. The couple also values offering a variety of crepes that are allergy sensitive due to Jordan's dairy allergy. They offer a traditional crepe and a gluten free buckwheat crepe just like you would find in France! All crepes are dairy free, and the couple is working on creating a vegan crepe to serve those that are vegan. Just like France, they offer a wide variety of savory and sweet crepes in order to create the full multilayered meal experience.

At the end of the day, Jordan and Olivier are inspired by their son and the community around them. They want their son to grow up eating whole organic nutritious foods and believe that good quality food should always be available to those who want it which is why they keep their price point pocket friendly. Their wholesome family vibe can be tasted in every bite of their delicious hearty crepes and one day, they hope to pass the family business down to their son!

We cater for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers, etc.

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We journeyed all across Europe in search of the perfect, most delicious crepe, only to realize that Olivier's has everything we've ever wanted! The quality of ingredients is unmatched and you can really taste the love that was poured into this food. Get all your crepe fantasies fulfilled by this lovely small authentic business!

- Ali Hernandez

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